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Google Hotel Finder – Everything you wanted to know

Bookassist Search Marketer Martin Murray discusses Google’s latest experiment, the Google Hotel Finder.

The Google hotel finder is a very interesting development that has the potential to shake up the online market for hotels. As a service, it aims to allow you to search, compare and book hotels from all over the world. It can be accessed

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Google extends Hotel Finder tool beyond US destinations

By Linda Fox

Google’s experiment with its Hotel Finder tool for US destinations must be paying off as the search giant has quietly opened it up to include European cities. Read the rest of this entry

Google Hotel Finder’s Impact On The Industry

The critics have been talking about Google’s appearance for months. Rumors started a year ago when the company bought ITA and its massive platform that provides Google with flight inventory. With this purchase, Google confirmed its intention to take part in the lucrative series of tourism, and that it was going to prepare for the great role in the series: the smart Google Hotel Finder, in this case with hotels (at the moment only for searches in the USA).

Google Hotel Finder’s first appearance on stage has not let anybody down. It remains faithful to its style with a minimalist screen presence (right), which is clear and at the same time looking for that special relation with the audience.
At the moment it is also totally ads-free. Its character promises you that it will find hotels for you, and that is exactly what it does, with discretion, without any complications and with the speed and agility that have become synonymous with all its previous performances. Read the rest of this entry

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