Why Instagram Is So Popular: the Best Tool for Hoteliers’ Photo Contest

The interface implications are fascinating, the company and technology dynamics of serving content to 10 million users with less than ten employees are fascinating, the artistic content is fascinating, and the reasons why people like me are so addicted to the damn thing are fascinating. Here’s a crack at why, since I think some other attempts haven’t quite captured it.

The quality of camera phone images and filters, whether you love or hate them, is now relatively high.
Instagram came along and offered the same quality and visual appeal as Hipstamatic and other phone apps, but added a simple and well-designed interface to let you choose filters after the photo was taken.

The real clever part of Instagram is the audience component. Most articles tend to focus on the social or community aspect of the Instagram app, but labeling it a social networking tool is a mistake, because it’s not just social. It’s about having an audience for what you produce, and participating in an audience for other peoples’ photos. Basically, the same rewarding experience that people get (got?) from Flickr is what makes Instagram popular, but with these three differences:
Access: If you want to only follow a circus security guard or a famous musician, you can do that through the intimacy of cell phone photos. You can also grant access to your close friends and family to share what you’re doing.
– Immediacy: you can generate a fair amount of audience attention in a short time.
– Those little switches: Using the APIs from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other services, Instagram lets you share from one single screen.

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