Chumkee Launches New App For Social Photo & Video Conversations


An odd but interesting new photo-and-video sharing iPhone app called Chumkee is officially announcing its public launch today.

Chumkee is doing something a little different here with its concept, user interface and design. This app isn’t about simply “sharing photos with your friends.” It’s about sharing publicly, in an almost Twitter-like format, complete with @usernames and a “reply” feature. In other words, social conversations based around photos and videos.

The app also ditches the traditional Twitter timeline-esque view for a photo pile design that allows you to move pictures and videos around on the screen or drag them off the side of the screen when you’re done.

When you first load Chumkee, you’re presented with the “everyone” view which is a heaping stack of photos and videos. The videos have live thumbnails, though, which gives the app a sort of “real-time” feel. It seems like all those people are chatting live now, even though that’s not the case.

Get the full story on TechCrunch

************* DDIH Question *******************

Can Chumkee boost photo-contests organized by hotels?


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