RateTiger brings semantic to reviews, helps hotels gauge sentiment

By Linda Fox

eRevMax plans to enhance its RTReview technology in the coming weeks with a semantic search facility enabling hotels to quickly gauge the overall sentiment of reviews.

The technology, part of the RateTiger offering, analyses words and phrases used within a review to help hoteliers quickly see whether it is positive, negative or neutral via a thumbs up or thumbs down badge.
The enhancement aims to save hotel managers time by giving them an at a glance view of a single review or, for larger hotels, an aggregated summary of a number of reviews.

The information will also enable hotels to prioritise where they need to take action.
eRevMax boss Sasha Hausmann says that while hotels often get a good overall rating but there maybe specific comments within a review that are not so positive.
Comments can be categorised by department such as housekeeping or food and beverage so that information is fed back to the relevant managers.
Further semantic developments will be unveiled in the first quarter of next year.
The enhancement is part of eRevMax’s strategy to widen the focus of its RateTiger offering to channel and revenue management, online reputation management and general consultancy services.

Source: Tnooz

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