Nivea Augmented Reality App + The Future of Travel

Tiny Rihanna Sings in Nivea Augmented Reality App 

Thanks to augmented reality technology, a tiny version of Rihanna actually seems to emerge from the cap of a jar of Nivea Creme to sing her song “California King Bed.”
The app, which went live this week, is an attempt to “create engaging digital advertising experiences,” says a statement from the company.
For the AR component, all you have to do is buy a tin of Nivea Creme or print one out from Nivea’s website and hold either up to your computer’s webcam. Then, voila, Rihanna appears.

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Travel and cutting edge technology of the future

Okay, so there’s mobile travel as we know it today and then there’s mobile travel taken to the extreme, probably some time in the reasonably near future.By then, of course, we probably wouldn’t think of such things as “mobiles”, but devices of all shapes and sizes which are omnipresent in our lives.

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