Google extends Hotel Finder tool beyond US destinations

By Linda Fox

Google’s experiment with its Hotel Finder tool for US destinations must be paying off as the search giant has quietly opened it up to include European cities.

The tool enables users to search for a hotel within a named destination by editing a shape on a map.
Users can also view hotels within the shape as a list and by clicking on a ‘book’ button are provided with advertisements from online travel agencies and the hotels enabling users to compare prices.
Property reviews are also provided from Google Places.

The US test of Hotel Finder was unveiled in July and covered the main online travel agencies such as Orbitz, Priceline, Expedia and Travelocity.
Prices from a number of Europe-based OTAs are also featured including and easytobook as well as the websites of the hotel owners.

In August Google began integrating technology providers, with Trust International the first, to sit alongside OTAs and property websites.
Easytobook marketing boss Wouter Blok says the extension of the tool is ‘huge’ for the company and adds that easytobook plans to ramp up the amount of inventory it provides to Hotel Finder.
In his blog, he points out that the more Google pushes Hotel Finder via adwords, the better it is for his company because it creates a level playing field with the OTA giants that are integrated.

Source: Tnooz

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