First Look At ImageSocial, The Photo-Sharing Network That Just Scored $15 Million In Funding

By Sarah Perez

Earlier this month, Australian-based Mooter Media took in $15 million from San Francisco investment firm La Jolla Cove Investors, Inc. in order to launch a new social photography platform. The platform, called ImageSocial, will be built with technical development partner Hot Shot Media and, unlike traditional photo-sharing networks, will also include a gaming element.

Instead of just friending users and uploading photos, at launch, ImageSocial users will be able to participate in what Mooter says is the “largest online photo contest ever conceived.” The contest will involve a search for the most defining moments of our generation, and will award “big” prizes.

When it launches in Q1 2012, ImageSocial will encourage users to share photos on the network via desktop, tablet or mobile devices and will encourage them to vote on others’ images.

The photo-sharing contest is being positioned as an “American Idol” style reality contest, explains Chris Jermyn, CEO of Hot Shot Media:

“Nearly 10 years ago, ‘American Idol’ captured the hearts, minds, imaginations and voting hysteria of television viewers from around the world, compelling a generation to compete, to dream and to become involved. As a concept, ‘Idol’ has stood the test of time, defining a genre in which there have been many imitators but few conquerors…Our similarities to Idol run deep, harnessing the power of social media to allow interactive competition on a massive, global scale – but those who were once just viewers can now become direct participants – to create, to compete and to win on their own accord.”

Below, we’ve got the first few screenshots of what ImageSocial has in the works as it will appear on desktop and iPad.

Get the full story on TechCrunch

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