Neiman Marcus to Give Away Clutches via Foursquare Hunt

by Lauren Indvik

Neiman Marcus is launching a Foursquare challenge in conjunction with its annual shoe and handbag event on Saturday.

The high-end apparel and accessories retailer will hide 15 Nancy Gonzalez clutches (pictured above) at 15 of its 41 stores. Visitors who check in to Neiman Marcus on Oct. 1 will see a message indicating whether they are in the vicinity of a clutch and, if so, where to search for it. The first players to retrieve those clutches get to keep them.

Shoppers who aren’t able to unearth a clutch can enter to win one. Each store will reward a clutch to a randomly selected entrant. In all, 56 Nancy Gonzalez clutches will be given away.

Neiman Marcus’s October campaign is unusual in that it takes place entirely within the confines of its stores — which, given that it’s meant to drive people into stores for the event, makes a good deal of sense.

Gabrielle de Papp, VP of corporate public relations at Neiman Marcus, adds that the initiative is also designed to encourage customers to interact with the retailer on Foursquare not just for the event, but regularly. “We have early indications that many of our customers are eager to interact with us on Foursquare, and we intend to increase our activity on it going forward,” she says.

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