Oyster gives new (high) definition to panoramic hotel photos

By Dennis Schaal

Oyster.com, the lodging review and booking site, likes to skip the marketing shots in favor of realistic hotel photos and the website just implemented panoramic photos in a very big way.
Just take a look at this high-definition 360 degree  panoramic image of L’Auberge de Sedona in Sedona, Arizona.

If you go to this link to view the above photo on Oyster.com and zoom out, you can pan all around the property, viewing the river and the back of the hotel at the far right and left. Oyster has about a dozen of these panoramic photos on its site now and will be adding another couple of dozen in the next week or so as it dispatches its professional photojournalists to new hotels it is signing up.

Eytan Seidman, co-founder and vice president of product, says the L’Auberge de Sedona image actually was stitched together from about 125 photos.
The photographer took the photos using a Gigapan device with a camera mounted on top.
Oyster then used “stitching techology” from krpano to create a seemless, panoramic viewing experience, Seidman says.
The hotel review site wrote about the panoramic photos and other new features in a blog post.
The company claims to be adding 200-300 hotels per month and will be giving some of these panoramic treatment for free.

Get the full story on Tnooz


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  1. I honestly dont know what to say except i’ll make it my business to make sure as many people as poss see this post

    • That’s a great idea to keep sharing this article.
      Businesses providing services (such as hotels) really have to display good quality photos enabling potential customers to navigate within the pictures.
      It really influences the customer’s decision making process.
      Thanks for this comment.

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