NewsMix Makes a Magazine From Your Facebook “Likes”

by Jennifer Van Grove

Social software maker Sobees has released NewsMix for Facebook, a social magazine specifically designed for the world’s largest social network.

The NewsMix for Facebook application presents updates from the Facebook Pages you “like” in a magazine-like fashion.

The application joins Sobees‘ other NewsMix applications for web and iPad. The company’s primary goal is to create a digital newsstand relevant to each user and appropriate for each platform.

In the Facebook application, collected stories represent the articles, photos and videos as posted by Facebook Pages.

The application will appeal to the subset of Facebook users who want a unique and aesthetically pleasing way to discover news items from their favorite brands, media companies and celebrities while on Facebook.

The association between “likes” and news stories in NewsMix may be a bit troublesome for others. Often, users “like” a Page just to get a temporary glimpse at its content or earn some fleeting reward. Thus, clicking the “like” button does not always indicate a genuine interest. So, while NewsMix does a decent a job at the presentation piece, it may not be showing users news they actually want to read.

************ DDIH view ****************

Why does it matter for hoteliers?

Hoteliers should install the application for 2 reasons:

– their magazine can be consulted by the fans of their page (this platform will encourage hoteliers to “like” topics in relation with their business but also topics that might interest potential and loyal customers).

– hoteliers will be able to consult their fans’ magazine and see how they can improve the products and services of the hotel to satisfy the hotel guests.

Share with us, how would you use this NewsMix Magazine in the hospitality industry?


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