How High-Tech Can Hotels Go?

By Melanie Nayer

The future of technology in hotels is consistently evolving, reinventing itself and giving guests more control, literally, from the touch of button. 

While simplicity still rules, some hotels are taking technology to a new level, thanks in part to social media that’s sweeping the travel space.

As more travelers are checking-in to hotels via FourSquare and tweeting photos and amenities from their hotel rooms, hotels are looking at ways to up their “cool” factor, giving guests (and their followers) some good eye candy and something to look forward to on their next visit.

Plugged-in travelers who can’t live without their iPhones, iPads, smartphones, computers and gadgets are finding it a little easier to leave home thanks to the updated technology found in hotels today.

The debate over hotels offering complimentary WiFi in hotels has subsided and has been replaced with questions surrounding how high-tech hotels should go. Digital check-ins, loaded iPads with concierge service and local maps, touch-screen controls, TVs embedded into the mirrors in bathrooms and the ability to hook-up your computer or phone to the television for movies or music are the newest ways hotels are appealing to tech-savvy guests.

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