Klout Adds Topic Pages To Give Users More Context Around A Subject And Its Influencers

Klout, a startup that measures influence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and others, is expanding its product lineup today with the availability of topic pages.

Klout, which just hit 100 million Klout scores, aims to provide more context about a specific topic. On the topic page, Klout shows the top influencers in a given topic, regardless of their overall Klout score. Pages showcase content that recently influenced others, as well as top +K recipients (+K is a measurement tool Klout offers users to vote for peers’ influence in topics). Klout compares this to the ‘people’s choice award.’ Klout says that it plans to add analytics, trends, and more to topic pages.

For example, my Topic Page for Venture Capital includes Mark Suster, Josh Kopelman and David Hornik as top influencers. Top +K recipients include Fred Wilson. Around each piece of content shared, you can see who influenced and shared that content.

Topic pages can be accessed by clicking through any topic link on the site, such as from someone’s topic page. Top influencers on a topic are determined based on interactions and engagement from other topical influencers on content. As founder Joe Fernandez tells me, this helps turn Klout into more of a discovery platform, as opposed to just checking your own (or another’s) score.

DDIH’s opinion
Why does it matter for hoteliers?
More and more hotel marketing managers were using Klout Scores to reward hotel guests best influencers. However, the reward was attributed only according to the customers’ high level of influence on social media websites. Topic Pages will enable hoteliers to reward the real influencers of their hotel, which will make more sense.

How would you reward top influencers in your hotel?

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