Five tips for using Facebook for customer service

If we get bad customer service online, we vote with our feet. We stop doing business with the company in question, or take action against it. We call it out on Facebook, Twitter and (in the famous case of United Airlines) we notoriously write songs about it.

Five tips for getting customer service right on Facebook:

1- Listen to what people are saying about you on Facebook and other social channels. It’ll help you spot issues and resolve them; and it’ll tell you what your customers love and hate (which can inform product development).

2- Create a dedicated Facebook app or tab to deal with customer service issues. It’ll stop your main page getting clogged up with complaints and issues.

3- If you’re going to do customer service on Facebook, do customer service on Facebook. Don’t create a ‘Talk to us! We’d love to hear your experiences!’ page and then leave comments there to rot. Resource it properly, with people who are authorised to take action. I’m amazed by the number of brands who still staff their Facebook pages with interns.

4- Don’t be afraid to let customers talk to each other. Sometimes they’ll be able (and willing) to help each other out.
But check they’re telling each other the right things and recognise and acknowledge the efforts of useful contributors

5- Respond quickly and appropriately. There’s nothing like posting identical corporate responses to everyone who comments on your wall to get the community into a spin.

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