How Facebook’s Location Sharing Will Promote Commerce

By Janice Diner

With the launch of Facebook‘s new privacy features came the somewhat surprising announcement that the Facebook Places icon will no longer be visible on its mobile app. Facebook Places will evolve from a check-in on mobile devices to broader location sharing (or location everywhere) on Facebook, allowing users to tag their location to wherever they are and to whatever they are doing on any device (laptop or mobile). Facebook’s location-sharing feature adds a social location layer to each user’s post activity and users can share present, past, and future location information.

On Friday Facebook announced that the Facebook Deals product was being axed after four months of running as a pilot in a couple of cities. A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “We think there is a lot of power in a social approach to driving people into local businesses. We remain committed to building products to help local businesses connect with people,” told ClickZ News.
Though the Facebook Places icon and the Facebook Deals are disappearing, this change should not be confused with Facebook Check-in Deals, which is not going away anytime soon. Facebook location sharing has great potential for social commerce as users can share location activities such as, their favorite restaurant, the store they are shopping at or the event they are attending.

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The Facebook Location-Sharing Ecosphere
The Facebook location-sharing ecosphere allows consumers to share any location anytime anywhere. Business through the parent/child Places management structure can register all their bricks-and-mortar location. Businesses can now offer Check-in Deals (via mobile) to consumers who shared the local businesses location in their News Feed. If that is not enough, Facebook has enabled advertising targeted by Zip code to drive traffic local marketing activities including awareness of a location specific Check-in Deals.
Location sharing and Facebook Check-in Deals allow businesses to find and better serve their most valuable customers, the ones in-store and ready to purchase. Whether you agree or not with the new Facebook approach to location sharing, we certainly are seeing that your location – even where you sit – counts when it comes to social commerce and F-commerce.

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