The Industry’s Most Popular Hotel Valuation Tool Now Updated

The Industry’s Most Popular Hotel Valuation Tool Now Updated: Cornell Center for Real Estate and Finance Presents HVS Tool Free of Charge

The Cornell Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) in conjunction with the Cornell Center for Real Estate and Finance (CREF) is pleased to announce the recent update of the most-often-downloaded and widely used tool on the CHR site, the Hotel Valuation Software (HVS), Version 3. The HVS tool, which has had more than 6,600 user downloads thus far, now takes advantage of the latest computer hardware and software capabilities, adds new functionality and flexibility, and reflects current industry valuation practice. Both the new HVS tool and the former classic tool are available at no charge from CHR. Developed by industry icon and hotel valuation pioneer Steve Rushmore, president and founder of HVS, and Jan DeRoos, HVS Professor of Hotel Finance and Real Estate and executive director of the Center for Real Estate and Finance, the tool replicates the software actually used by HVS to perform its hotel market studies and valuations worldwide.
“Over the years, Jan and I have been collaborating on the development and enhancement of Hotel Valuations Software,” explains Rushmore. “This is a set of three innovative programs used by thousands of industry professionals to perform hotel market studies, financial projections, and valuations.
“This update represents a significant enhancement in its analytical capabilities and functionality by incorporating numerous upgrades-the ability to alter the projection period, value using debt coverage, and mortgage yields.” Rushmore continues: “As a service to our industry, we provide the HVS tool free of charge so hotel owners, lenders, and operators can make educated and sound financial judgments.”
According to deRoos, “The HVS tool is the only valuation software that is developed through the collaboration of the leading hotel school and the leading hotel consulting and services organization. Now in its third edition, the Hotel Valuation Software provides owners, investors, lenders and students a way to produce precise forecasts of hotel performance and to estimate value.”
He adds: “The programs provide a user-friendly set of tools that are founded on economic principles and contemporary modeling techniques. Steve and I see the Hotel Valuation Software as our way to ‘pay it forward’ to the industry that has been so generous to us.”

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