Foursquare Launches Tip Lists

Foursquare is introducing a new feature called Tip Lists that will allow users and brands to bundle their best tips together in lists.
Tip lists can be individual collections or shared entities. Users can choose to share lists — with friends both on and off Foursquare — and collaborate on building the be-all-end-all list of the 20 best sandwich shops in San Diego, for instance.
“Early Foursquare prototypes were all about curating lists of experiences, but we never got around to launching those features,” CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley tells Mashable. “Tip lists is executing on what we’ve always wanted to let users do: Create lists about the things you know best, share them with friends, team up with friends to curate lists, and follow lists created by friends and partners.”
Tip lists, as Crowley suggests, are an especially interesting addition for brands and businesses already using the location-based platform — brands, cities and media companies were initially drawn to the service and its tips feature as a way to curate interesting location and topic-specific content for their fans.
The startup seems especially attuned to the brand appeal of tip lists and is rolling out the new feature with a number of launch partners that will feature lists as a part of their pages.
Launch partners include a smattering of notable media and entertainment brands, schools and celebrity personalities. Lucky Magazine, Spin Magazine, Time Out New York, Travel Channel, MTV, Bravo TV, Wolfgang Puck, Alicia Keys, ASU, Texas Tech and Texas A&M join a host of other prominent Foursquare partners who will be showcasing their tip lists to Foursquare users.

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