Daniel Edward Craig On Creating Compelling Video Content for Hotels

Producing video can be expensive and complicated, and it’s far easier to get it wrong than right. Many hotels avoid it entirely, while others play it safe, producing dull, clichéd clips of ecstatic couples clinking champagne glasses while Vivaldi exalts in the background.

Can hotels produce quality video without breaking the bank? Sure, but it’s an undertaking fraught with risk. Having suffered through countless arty student films as a film school executive (and even made a few of my own), I know what not to do. For guidance on how to do it right I consulted a few of the pros.

1- In-house or outsource?
These days anyone with a camcorder can produce a video, but homemade productions look at best amateur and at worst like a bad eighties porn flick—without the sex. As a rule, hotels should stick to making homemade soups and pastries and leave video production to the pros.

2- Set a budget
A professionally produced video will set you back anywhere from $2,500 to $100,000 or more, depending on whether you hire an aspiring Scorsese or Scorsese himself.

3- Hire talent
Featuring people in your video is a great way to bring your property to life, but you’ll need to find affordable talent with the right look. Some hotels cut costs by featuring employees, but bear in mind that the perky girl in reservations might freeze up on camera

4- Tell a story
“Produce a video that people will want to share with each other,” Rawlinson recommends. “Make it entertaining. Do something that hasn’t been done before. Get creative.”

5- Source the right music
Chapin Herman says style of cinematography, pace and tempo and music selection are the most critical elements of video, and this requires an understanding of the audience. “A chic hotel with emphasis on style and design deserves a young and hip production with high-energy and contemporary music…

6- Optimize and Integrate
Once your video is done, upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and, if appropriate, your website. Add titles, description, tags and categories to make it searchable. And make sure it’s viewable on smart phones.

As we know from traveler reviews, guest-generated content can be more convincing than almost anything a hotel marketer will produce, so be sure to source and share good guest videos as part of your social media program. And lastly, keep in mind that a “viral” video might be great for the ego, but the ultimate measure of success is not views but conversions from viewers to guests.

Read more about the 6 steps on Hotel News Resource


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  1. Fun book! Excellent photographs. Reading about the various hotels from around the world and looking at the photos of the decor made me want to pack up my bags and do some traveling!The photos also gave me some ideas and inspiration on decorating my apartment.

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