Considering Customer Feedback for Your Website? How About On a Times Square Billboard?

by Josiah Mackenzie

Yesterday I wrote about Nate Elliott’s views on how to use social data to make marketing more effective. Using reviews and customer feedback to encourage trust, optimize your website, and maximize direct sales is something we’ve covered in the past – but today Henry Harteveldt shared an interesting example from outside the industry:

Marketing Daily by MediaPost reported on Domino Pizza’s use of customer feedback in a billboard on Times Square in New York City:

– The comments originate through a new customer feedback feature in Domino’s Tracker, an area within the brand’s site that allows customers to track the progress of their online orders.

– While comments will be vetted prior to posting in order to screen out offensive or inappropriate content, Domino’s says it will post “many” consumers’ comments, whether “good, bad or neutral.”

Mashable adds:

The campaign, which runs from Monday until August 23 will include customer comments — good, bad or neutral — on a 4,630 square-foot billboard. The comments….are filtered for bad language and appropriateness, but not for sentiment….Consumers whose comments are chosen will get a link to a video clip of their comment as it ran on the billboard.

This example may be from outside the industry, but what if you used the philosophy behind this tactic for your hotels? Maybe instead of a billboard on Times Square, you begin by publishing feedback to your website – and then proceed to experimenting with using reviews in your promotional messages.

Using customer feedback to improve the effectiveness of your advertising is one more area where reputation management can lead to measurable results.

Read this article on ReviewPro


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