Gekko throws travel planning and review service into Facebook

by Kevin May

More developments in the drive to turn Facebook into a wider travel planning service with hotel booking site Gekko launching a recommendation and search tool for the network.

The idea behind the application is to collect and organise travel reviews and recommendations from a user’s friends on Facebook, so they can be better informed and then select a hotel property on the existing Gekko system.
There are a number of other functions in the service, including the ability to create lists of favourite hotels, activities and things to do in a destination, meaning fellow members can check the wider Gekko community to also see if a product is recommended.
Hotels on the existing Gekko service are given a strong showing within the application, with detailed information and photographs of each property.

Perhaps most interestingly from the supplier’s perspective is the use of feedback tools to throw back offers at members of the group.
The Request-A-Deal option lets hotels, restaurants and bars reply directly to a user with personalised offers, as well as wider Facebook-only deals to the Gekko group. Search and availability options for hotels are included, with the user sent off to the supplier’s website to complete a booking.

Gekko CEO Michel Cassius says:
“Gekko is evolving the hotel discount model. Consumers get the best price and are offered highly personalized deals by hotels worldwide and by restaurants, clubs and bars. And with our full Facebook integration we add the social layer to the booking process, making it both engaging and fun.”

The launch of the Gekko Facebook app comes a year after TripAdvisor launched its Trip Friends Facebook project, although the difference with this latest entry into the market is that the similar functionality is hosted on Facebook rather than on the main site.

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