Ten point to-do list and things to avoid with modern hotel marketing

by Patrick Landman

Where on earth do you start to start when implementing a new marketing strategy for a hotel?
In fact, how do you promote a hotel with the internet moving so rapidly with seemingly new developments every day, week and month.

Here is a simple ten point plan on how to market a hotel property:

1. A story worth sharing
Your hotel needs to have something unique, refreshing or innovative. Your hotel needs to have a story to it which people like, and think worthwhile to share with their friends.
Good service is at the basics of all of everything, this you have to get 100% right.
Being remarkable (ie. worth making a remark about) is not that hard either if you think of it. How about handing out an ice cream at check-in during the warm summer days? Or invite all hotel guests to a delicious fresh French roast coffee when they arrive at the hotel.

2. Regional and national press
PR has, and will always be, important to reach your domestic market. Make sure you build a good relationship with journalists and editors of regional and national newspaper and magazine publications.
This way if they want to do a travel story, you are the top of their list.

3. GDS and consortia
For some they are seen by many as a dying breed, but the global distribution systems are reinventing themselves, and are still an important source of business and leisure travel for many destinations.
Moreover, mega agencies like Amex, ABC Corporates Services, TQ3 Travel Solutions, World Trabel BTI and Carlson Wagonlit are very effective distribution channels to reach corporate travelers of large corporations.

4. Online travel agencies
The posterboards of the hotel and travel industry in the online age, are among the most important distribution channels.
Their commissions and models vary – analyze them well to make sure they add value to your overall strategy.
Be certain they aren’t just shifting direct business away from your direct sales efforts, but really generate incremental bookings.

5. DMO
Local Destination Marketing Organisations work hard to attract groups and events.
You should approach them and work together with them to attract corporate and leisure groups during low and medium demand periods.
It will help you to diversify your hotels’ market mix.

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