TripAdvisor gets more social with Where I’ve Been acquisition

by Dennis Schaal

TripAdvisor is increasing its social-travel efforts with today’s announcement that it acquired Where I’ve Been.

With some 9.7 million members, Where I’ve Been features a detailed interactive map, prodding users to share places they’ve traveled, lived or intend to visit.
Based in Chicago, Where I’ve been received $750,000 in funding in April 2010 from Lightbank, which also helped kickstart Groupon. At the time, Where I’ve Been had upped its total funding to $1.75 million.

TripAdvisor says Where I’ve Been’s Facebook app has enabled 10 million people to create color-coded travel maps.
“This underscores TripAdvisor’s continued focus and growth in social travel,” TripAdvisor says.
TripAdvisor, too, leverages social travel with its Trip Friends Facebook app.

The Where I’ve Been app enables users to upload photos and stories about their trips and to retrieve answers about their travel questions.
Where I’ve Been introduced Groupon deals to the mix in 2010.
No word yet from either company on how the two apps may relation to each other in the future or whether Where I’ve Been will continue to operate as a distinct brand.

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