The Ritz-Carlton concierges take to Foursquare for destination tips

The Ritz-Carlton concierges take to Foursquare for destination tips
Posted by Dennis Schaal on 27

Luxury hotel brand The Ritz-Carlton is now offering destination advice through Foursquare.
Through The Ritz-Carlton’s new World Concierge on Foursquare service, you can view a steady stream of tips if you follow The Ritz-Carlton on the location-based service, or you can access the promised hidden gems and city secrets by checking into various global landmarks via Foursquare, the hotel says.

“Until recently our concierges have been unable to travel with you, but now with the help of Foursquare it’s possible to access their insight directly. On your phone,” The Ritz-Carlton’s Foursquare profile states. “Follow their advice, it’ll take you to some extraordinary places.”
Concierges from 75 Ritz-Carlton hotels around the world will be offering their advice, the upscale hotel chain says, adding “this is the first time a luxury hotel brand has extended their exclusive services to a mobile public audience.”
For example, the hotel’s World Concierge service notes that Soho Rooms, a nightclub in Moscow, is the “hottest nightclub” in the city, and that the “open terrace swimming pool has one of the city’s best views of the Moscow River.”
And, people considering a Moscow visit can also read the comments that other Foursquare users make about The Ritz-Carlton’s advice.
For instance, Alex L. chimes in about Soho Rooms: “Great Place. Thursday night is a good night. Pool during the summer on the top floor could be difficult to get in without club card.”

Some of the tips are purely informational and lacking in insider advice.
For example, of the Shanghai IFC Mall, The Ritz-Carlton offers: “The statistics are staggering: more than 180 premium brands and more than 110,000 square metres of store space across three floors, this is Shanghai’s latest landmark to luxury retail.”
The Ritz-Carlton says consumers can also view featured tips on The Ritz-Carlton’s Facebook page and Twitter account.
Some hotel chains, especially of the luxury variety, have been reluctant to get involved with social media.
The Ritz-Carlton’s engagement with Foursquare is another indication that involvement in social media has become an imperative.

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