Louis Vuitton Voyages enlists mobile social media for China

By Kayla Hutzler

Louis Vuitton debuted a new social media application for its upcoming exhibition at the National Museum of China in Beijing that will further the label’s branding in the world’s No. 2 luxury market.

The handbags-to-luggage brand has implemented a mobile check-in feature to the Louis Vuitton Voyages exhibition that allows attendees to check-in and earn a Louis Vuitton brand badge. The visitors then bring the badge with them to all their future check-in locations.

“The people associating themselves with Louis Vuitton are then checking-in to other high-end places,” said Craig Besnoy, managing director of Netbiscuits, New York.“So not only can they associate themselves with people’s social networks, but they’re [also] associating themselves with these high end luxury places,” he said.

Borne China
The mobile check-in application was produced by Jiepang, a mobile check-in app based in China that is available on the iPhone and Android devices. Jiepang did not respond by press deadline. When consumers arrive at the exhibition, they can use the Jiepang app to check-in to the Louis Vuitton exhibition specifically, as opposed to just checking-in to the museum itself.

Upon checking-in at Louis Vuitton Voyages, consumers earn a branded Louis Vuitton badge which is displayed to the their friends and followers. The check-in also brings the attendee to an information page on Jiepang created by Louis Vuitton that relays insider information such as design concepts, useful tips and information about the brand’s locations in China.

Jiepang users can share comments about the exhibit that are visible by all people who are currently checked-in at Louis Vuitton Voyages and to users who do so in the future.

The Vuitton Voyages exhibition showcases the history of the brand’s luggage since 1854.

Not old baggage
Mobile check-in is a relatively new form of social media that allows users to share their locations and activities with their friends and followers. Once a user checks-in, the branded Louis Vuitton badge is placed in their profile and the Louis Vuitton name travels with them to every other place they go. By placing the badges in a user’s profile Louis Vuitton is taking its brand name and relating it to a luxurious lifestyle, in the minds of Jiepang users.

“With luxury brands it’s very much about how other people perceive you,” Mr. Besnoy said. “It’s all about trends with luxury brands and it’s not so much the utility with the luxury brands, but more about how the brand is positioned amongst tastemakers,” he said.

Kayla Hutzler is an editorial assistant on Luxury Daily. Her beats are automotive, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, financial services, media/publishing, software and technology, telecommunications, travel and hospitality, real estate, retail and sports. Reach her at kayla@napean.com.

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